Linking a younger online generation to a newer washing experience.

Client Boom
Industry FMCG - Laundry Detergent

About Client

Boom is a washing powder brand under EuroPrima Limited. Having been in the market for around 4 years, it's the ideal brand and washing companion for young adults who want good quality soap at an affordable price and generous quantity.


Boom wanted to way to let its younger audience know it was more affordable and just as effective as more expensive brands in the market and it had more value in terms of its quantity.

Our Solution

We launched the digital footprint on Facebook and Instagram with engaging and vibrant brand identitiy to create awareness and likability among the younger target audience. We, also, developed captivating images that would resonate with the Ghanaian washing experience. We have positioned Boom's messaging in a fun upbeat manner to ensure that our audience always has something awesome to see anytime they come to the platforms.


Social Media Management

Social Paid Campaigns

Social Media Ads

Google Display Ads

Product and Lifestyle Shoot


In the last year, we have been successful in putting across Boom as one of the favourites brands of the young generation. Now, people are aware of its flowery fragrance, more foam, more quantity and more effeciency compared to the other brands.

Unique Reach

6.2 MN


60 M


4.1 MN

Lower CPM

$ 0.41

New Facebook Fans

50 K

New Instagram Fans

1.5 K

Media Spent

$18 K

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