Positioned the company as a thought-leader and generated B2B leads.

Client Merald Group
Industry Construction & MEP

About Client

Merald Group is an engineering and construction company and the leading supplier of electrical, mechanical and facility management solutions in Nigeria. It was founded in 2005.


Merald's brief was straight to the point. They wanted to go digital, generate brand awareness in the construction industry and generate more enquiries and leads. By going digital in a heavily offline niche, the task was never going to be easy.

Our Solution

Since construction companies who attempt this are by far too few, we had to tap into industry insights and found a way to portray the company as a thought-leader while providing free valuable content to its different audience.

We created a landing page to collect contact information and interested leads for Merald. Our linked social media strategy and tactical planning helped inform our creative process. We were able to use linkedin sales navigator to identify potential leads and reach them via InMails. We created a blog focused on educating target audience and we used paid media to amplify all our efforts across all channels.


LinkedIn – Primary Platform

Landing Page for Lead Conversion

Social Media Management

Lead Generation & Conversion

Lead Nurturing – Email & Whats app

Social Selling

Paid Media – LinkedIn

Email Marketing - Drip Campaign

Conversion Rate Optimization


We have been able to generate quality leads and appointments while significantly positing Merald as a industry thought-leader and resource centre. In an offline dominated industry, we have been able to position Merald as a forward-thinking company by being digital. Below are the metrics in the last 6 months.

Unique Reach

380 K+


780 K+

B2B Leads

500 +

Appointments from 500 leads

50 +

Media Spent

$1.5 K

Social Media


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