Creating awareness around a unique cleaning agent.

Client SoMagic
Industry FMCG- 3-in-one Cream Detergent

About Client

SoMagic is a three-in-one cream detergent from the EuroPrima Industry Limited. It's a premium multipurpose product in the Ghanaian soap and detergent space. It can wash clothes, clean plates as well as floors.


Our biggest challenge was to make people understand how to use SoMagic because the unique product can do three things so well - wash clothes, clean plates & floor. As there's no competition in its category, SoMagic has all the merits and is category leader in the multipurpose detergent segment in Ghana. We've focused on product usage awareness & brand amplification as key benchmarks to establish SoMagic as a leader before competition kicks in.

Our Solution

We launched SoMagic on key social platforms - Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. To achieve the objective of product usage education & brand awareness, we came up with a series of static & animated videos. After a couple of brainstorming sessions, we came up with a campaign “There’s nothing Magic can’t do” for 6 months to amplify SoMagic's purpose and usage. Market activations were amplified across platforms to increase engagement and incite participation. All the engagement generated resulted in spreading brand love.


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From a nobody, SoMagic became somebody in a 8 months. Ghana had never seen a cleaning agent of this capacity. It was quite a task to make the target audience aware & later consider about the multipurpose product. With engaging content, monthly contests, product giveaways, relentless community management & paid media tactics, we reached a point where our target audience not only knew about the product usage but had also started patronising about it. People understood that here's a convenient product that is affordable as well as premium in quality.

Unique Reach

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New FB Fans

34.5 K+

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$8.2 K

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