Blog / 18th October 2019

Spending on Digital Marketing Audit isn’t Splurging


You heard of KonMari?
For those who haven’t, it’s a Japanese method of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not spark joy.
If it sounds interesting, watch the Netflix-original Tidying Up With Marie Kondo based on her best-seller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You can read the book as well and thank us later.

The concept to include things in your life that works for you and discard the rest that doesn’t, isn’t only a novel idea but an amazing template to make important life choices as well. How about if you apply the same theory to work or business? And, which surely includes the digital presence of your business.

Today, it goes without saying that a business with no social media presence is a dud. Yes, you can pick examples to prove us right. Moving on, it happens that you are in a position where you are pulling all the right strings, yet you are unable to get the desired results! It has happened to all of us.

In that case, what we do is stick to the things that reap results and chuck out the rest. Simple! Otherwise, as we know, it becomes a sheer waste of time, effort and money even if you employ the best audit and optimization techniques. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality must be discarded. We can’t rely on the tried-and-tested methods and expect miracles to happen.

How do you know if you are on the right path?

A periodic Digital Marketing Audit, by an independent digital marketing agency is the only way out. It can tell you which strategy worked, and which didn’t. Then, you just know where to put your money on.

A digital marketing audit is also a stepping stone for a formidable content strategy. A digital marketing audit isn’t a luxury but a necessity in 2019. It will make you aware of the content that performed well and why, which channel is suitable for your business, whether your business goal and digital marketing strategies are aligned, is your team adept to manage it internally or you need to hire an agency for better reach and engagement and so much more. Okay, spare a minute and take a quiz!

  • 1. What kind of content got maximum engagement and why?
  • 2. You are present on all possible social media channels yet you don’t get results. Why so?
  • 3. When was the last time you indulged in a visual appeal and feeling check for your social platforms?
  • 4. How long does your website take to load?
  • 5. How much traffic comes to your website daily?
  • 6. Is your present agency doing all things right?
  • 7. What are your competition brands doing?
  • 8. What have you done to retain your loyal fans?
  • 9. What should be a monthly budget for promotions?

If all these aren’t top of your mind, you know what lacks and what needs urgent fixing. Well, check out a few free tools for digital marketing audit:

  • 1. Socialbakers
  • 2. Likealyzer
  • 3. Insta Analyser
  • 4. Brand 24
  • 5. SEOptimer
  • 6. Website Grader
  • 7. SEMrush
  • 8. Similar Web
  • 9. Page Speed

Fret not, we can help you fix everything related to digital marketing. Just shoot us a mail at [email protected] with your contact details for a FREE digital marketing audit.
Though any expert would suggest an external digital marketing agency because it can only hold an honest picture and bring out the points that your internal team will miss out on.
Knowing your worth and relevance is the first step to success. To look forward, you need to look back often!